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I created this community for enthusiasts who enjoy learning about new automobiles. Whether if you want to indulge in future sheetmetal, check out the current industry news, have recalls or complaints, then this is your place.

A Few Simple Rules:

1. Retarded flame wars will not be tolerated. I don't mind the personal opinions at all about a car's styling for example. If you wish to call each other names like a bunch of little five-year-olds in kindergarden during recess, don't even bother joining. Otherwise, you will be removed, plain and simple.

2. Keep posts relevant to car topics. On a lighter note, please don't argue about why a '65 Tempest GTO is better than a '05 GTO LS2. You won't see much of yestertech's carbs, gross horsepower, overabundances of chrome trim, or metric bias-ply tires discussed in this community. If you want to post or inquire about non-electronic fuel injection nostalgic pieces, may I suggest trying either classic_cars or gearheads. However, if you would like to mention vintage vehicles as predecessors in reference to what has been improved upon its successors, redesigns, and replacement models, go ahead and jump right in.

3. New or preowned car reviews and recommendations are available here. If you spot something that you're interested in buying but unsure if it's worth considering, let us know with photographs or text and we'll do our best to give honest advice. A number of us become mechanically knowledgeable by working for different brands of auto makers, but we do not advertise for dealers or employers on here, nor receive any funding for our contributions to LJ users. Translation, our opinions are unbiased and do play a role on what vehicles we suggest will bring you years of trouble-free ownership and which ones will put you into the financial drain poor house.

4. As a courtesy, please limit your pictures to 500 pixels in width. Otherwise, consider the LJ-cut. The length really doesn't matter as it has no adverse affect on screwing up the friends view.

5. You're more than welcome to post about new concept cars you saw on TV or at a show. I know a lot us do in fact lust after dream machines and it's understood that some star cars will be never be given the green light despite the rumors. The point is, we want to save our weekly paychecks for something that actually may have a chance seeing an assembly line, or paves the way for a future vehicle. Seriously, what fun is a concept without an engine or an interior anyway? Maybe George Jetson might want it for his project. If clay and wood mockup coasters only suit your fancy, take a look at concept_cars.

6. A FAQ came up about "what cars are new enough?" to be considered appropriate for this community. Basically, I would leave out anything that is not modern, utilizes a device called a choke, or consumes a 100 octane leaded diet. Hope this helps with the general idea.

7. The main purpose here is to offer LJ users a first-rate and up-to-date automotive enthusiast forum without having to pay a single penny for subscriptions or emptying $3.95 plus tax out of your wallet every month at the grocery store. That's why this is a community, with an option to join. If you don't like to read or learn about new cars, don't elect to become a member.

8. New community promoting is allowed, provided that it is automotive related.

I've never been a fan of strict rules, but this is to rather keep the community pleasant and friendly with minimal guidelines. Enjoy. If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me. Thank you.

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